"Great vision without great people is irrelevant"

We truly believe that human resource is the thing that runs the business and really coming up with revolutionizing solutions that takes hiring to the next level.


Solutions for your Business Needs

    Hiring top industry stalwarts- CTOs/ CPOs for an organization can be nerve wracking and oftentimes a huge challenge.

  • Our data driven insights challenge the commonly held views and give companies the power to hire the pick of the bunch that makes for a high-performance team of highly influential leaders.

  • Such ace technology professionals can truly drive organization towards radical transformation and groundbreaking innovation.

  • Our extraordinary fondness for recruiting and obsessive focus to excelling in the arena of talent scouting ensure companies are able to place their key technology experts in their rightful positions.

  • In summary, such a collaborative approach that can impact conventional recruiting in epic ways is the need of the hour, and “StackRank” delivers on this promise beyond doubt.

Our Leadership

Vinoth K

Founder & CEO

Vinoth, the genius behind starting this initiative brings forth an unrelenting drive for transformation and innovation to this role. Having a tremendously rich experience in talent acquisition, he is a hiring maven in recruiting tech visionaries like CTO and CPO in the startup space.

Equipped with a growth mindset and a degree in MBA from a top B school, Vinoth is an expert in setting up engineering teams from scratch. His passion towards technology is what inspired him to be a recruitment professional as he firmly believes that technology is changing the world today.

This is why, he built this platform that places key technology experts in the right places as this is a significant and indispensable part of any successful organization.

Vinoth’s initiative has been instrumental in helping some of the most established brands and startups of today and in the days to come.



A veteran in the recruitment space, Rameez carries with him, a wealth of experience in lateral hiring for startups and established companies for mobile vertical.

A technology enthusiast by choice, Rameez has an enormous fondness for a gamut of areas like AI, Big Data and internet space and his passion knows no bounds when it comes to acquiring talent for technology roles.

An MBA professional from a top B school, Rameez works with high performance teams and believes that innovation is the key as it’s all about taking risks, disrupting traditional existent ways and embracing failures.

Being a professional chef in the past, he blends his culinary experience with his new-found passion for recruiting in a way that makes him a leader in the field of technical recruiting.

His association at StackRank is helping companies attract the right talent at the right time.